Who we are

Our mission

The mission of Barrington Area Conservation Trust is to preserve our community’s rare and exceptional open spaces for current and future generations.  We are able to achieve our mission through the generous support of individual members, family foundations, and business organizations.

History of Barrington Area Conservation Trust | BACT

2001 – Barrington Hills Conservation Trust (later renamed Barrington Area Conservation Trust to address conservation needs throughout the Barrington communities) is founded by Mary Bradford-White to preserve the open space, rural character, and scenic, recreational, historic, and natural resources of the Barrington communities through advocacy, education, and promotion of responsible land stewardship.

2003 – BACT completes one of the largest conservation easements is the state of Illinois to preserve Horizon Farms.

2004 – BACT is awarded the prestigious Garfield Farm Award for accomplishments in preserving agricultural lands.

2006 – BACT receives a grant from the McGraw Foundation to create and publicize the Conservation Buyer program, and started the Save our Countryside Program.

2007 –  BACT rolls out the Heritage Corridor Program to ensure that the rural and scenic character of our residential roads would be preserved.

2008 –  Jenese Busch donates a beautiful wooded ravine to BACT, and names it in honor of her father Jack David Mondschine.

2009  – BACT receives a grant from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to implement a series of watershed educational programs as well as a grant from the Village of North Barrington to publicize and implement North Barrington’s action items within the Flint Creek Watershed Plan.

2010 –  BACT protects its first Heritage Corridor along Old Sutton Road from Lake-Cook Road to Donlea, purchases Pederson Preserve using funds granted by Freddie Pederson.

2013  – Barrington High School’s Leo Club, Green Team, National Honor Society, Horticulture and Environmental Science Programs help to install native wetland plants cultivated by John Ardente’s horticulture class at Pederson Preserve on Earth Day.