Help Sponsor A Monarch Hut At Lines Elementary School, Barrington – Please Donate Below!

HELP US REACH OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL BY JUNE 30TH AND BECOME A PARTNER IN EDUCATING YOUTH ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY!  Please make a donation today to help fund a monarch hut which will be placed A.C. Lines School.  Monarch caterpillars are placed on milkweed within the hut so that students and people of all ages will learn about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and the importance of this pollinator. Please help us raise $325.00 each for this beautifully designed, custom made huts.  Any amount you can donate will help.

Make your donation today and help sponsor a Monarch Hut for The Smart Farm of Barrington or Lines School.

Your donation is tax-deductible and acknowledged with a letter from BACT.