Meet Paige Bowman – Super Student Volunteer!

Paige is a member of BACT’s Teens4Green youth board, participated in high school summer internship program, and volunteers at workdays and in the office.

Why do you like learning about or participation in conservation?

There are many reasons why I like learning about and participating in conservation. I think that it is great that anyone can make a difference in conservation, big or small. From planting native plants to monitoring stream health we can help the environment, biodiversity and future generations. Also, I enjoy being outside in nature. It provides a balance in my life.

What is one or two of your favorite experiences with BACT?

Participating in the summer internship has been my favorite experience with BACT. I learned so much about our local ecosystem and environment and how to protect it. We participated in many activities, ranging from planting milkweed to stream monitoring. I enjoyed seeing how my work in Barrington with BACT tied into the Illinois RiverWatch network. Being in the stream in waders, seining with the Shedd Aquarium scientist was exciting as well. It was an amazing opportunity and a great learning experience.

Another exciting experience involved planting native plants for Earth Day in Pederson Preserve. I had fun planting and enjoyed knowing the plants would be visible every day from my high school.

Why should other students get involved with BACT?

There are many reasons why other students should get involved with BACT. The organization’s mission is “to preserve our community’s rare and exceptional open spaces for current and future generations.” Someone can be involved in preserving the local environment and have an immediate impact. There is also a teen program called Teens4Greens. It is a great opportunity for teens that want to be involved in conservation. Being involved in conservation and learning about nature allows a person to have a more complete understanding of the surroundings and how actions impact the environment. BACT is also a great place to meet other people with the same interests.