Volunteer Highlight – Eden Solberg

This week we took a moment to interview one of our Teens4Green and active volunteers, Eden Solberg. Eden is a senior at BHS. She has been involved with BACT for the past several years and is a founding member of the Teens4Green Youth Advisory Board. Here is an excerpt from our conversation with Eden.
Why did you become involved in the BACT? I was interested in nature and the environment. I liked that BACT had outdoor educational programs for teenagers.
What do you like most about volunteering for BACT? I really enjoy the Sunday workdays watching community members being active and out working in open spaces. I also love going to Teens4Green meetings because I find the education and outreach programs fun, and I can hang out with my friends while doing something good for nature.
What have you learned since you joined BACT?  I have learned a lot about invasive species and how to protect native plants.  I have also learned a lot about butterflies, how to protect them and about how oak trees are vulnerable.
What was you favorite project with Teens4Green?  Last year, the teens made butterfly donation jars.  We planned the project during one of our meetings, and then we designed them at another meeting.  We went in groups of two to the local businesses and asked if they could put them out for a week so that we could raise money for a table at the Barrington Farmer’s Market.  We used the table at the market as an informational table to raise awareness about monarch butterflies.  I really enjoyed talking with people at the market.
What future projects do you have coming up? I work with the Barrington Buddies at the high school. I am planning a picnic at Far Field Preserve in May for the group. I picked Far Field because I have really enjoyed seeing it change over the past few years. We have planted many oak trees, native plants and prairie flowers there, and it is wonderful to see everything bloom. I think the Buddies will enjoy walking around the field.
Do you have any recommendations for other students to get involved?  I recommend that any student who likes nature and wants to get outside go to the Sunday workdays.  Also, join the Teens4Green group.  The events are fun, and the staff members are really helpful and easy going.  They are always willing to answer questions and teach you more about the environment.  Follow the link to High School Programs to see what they have going on for teens.