The Tower Lakes Drain Communities

Village of Tower Lakes

TowerLakesBridgeThe Village of Tower Lakes, incorporated in 1966, is located in the southwest corner of Lake County, Illinois, USA. We are in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, 39 miles from Chicago’s downtown Loop. The population is just over 1,350. Originally developed in the 1920’s as a recreational summer-home community, the Village is centered around two scenic private lakes, totaling over 85 acres. Although all the homes are now year-round, the lakes and heavily wooded rolling hills continue to attract recreation oriented and nature-loving residents.

The Village occupies approximately 1.1 square miles and presently contains just over 430 single-family homes and no commercial business buildings, schools, churches or post office. The Village is within the award-winning Barrington Community Unit School District 220. Student test scores regularly rank near the top nationally and over 90% of the graduating seniors go on to attend college. Grade school children attend the North Barrington School, less than one mile south of Tower Lakes. Private schools for grades K-8 are also available in Barrington. The Village of Tower Lakes shares the post office and zip code with Barrington (60010). Home prices average a little over $450,000 with a range of approximately $250,000 to over $1,000,000. Residents commute to jobs in nearby suburbs as well as in Chicago. Frequent commuter rail service is available from the Barrington station, 10 minutes south. To learn more about the Village of Tower Lakes, please click here.

Village of Lake Barrington

The Village of Lake Barrington is a hamlet of neighborhoods and residential nooks nestled in open spaces, woodlands and wetlands in the southwest corner of Lake County, approximately 40 miles northwest of the Chicago Loop. During the 2010 U.S. Census 4,973 people called Lake Barrington their home. The Village has commercial/business areas at the Lake Barrington Business Park (located off of Route 14 and Pepper Road), and the Market Place Shopping Center (at Route 59 and Kelsey Road). It contains one church. Community health and wellness, Leave No Child Inside, neighborhood beautification, and most notably, its award-winning Open Space Initiative enhance the quality of life for Lake Barrington residents.

This semi-rural area, later to become known as Lake Barrington, was far enough from the big city to escape development for decades. In early 1956, the idea of the incorporation was initiated due to concerns with the area’s growth potential. Three years later, the incorporation of the Village of Lake Barrington was complete, and its residents continue to play an important part in the overall success of their Village. To learn more about the Village of Lake Barrington, you can click here.

Timberlake Estates – Unincorporated Lake County

In 1927, if you were standing at the Timberlake beach, you would have seen a meandering stream, tree-lined fairways, and a farmhouse, turned clubhouse, for the new Wauconda Golf Club. The P.L.Z & W Railroad ran along Old Rand road, past the Borden Creamery, near Old McHenry road, and ending on Liberty St., near Bangs Lake. The railroad went bankrupt in 1929 and the golf club closed soon after. Lake Cherie, later renamed Timberlake, was created in the late 1940’s. Route 12 was rerouted around downtown Wauconda around 1950. Robert Bartlett Development purchased the land, renamed the lake to Timberlake, and created the subdivision Timberlake Estates in 1953. The first home was built in 1955. The association beach was dedicated and preserved forever, for enjoyment by the members of the subdivision and their guests.

Volunteerism, tradition, and preservation of Timberlake’s landscape has always been the community’s creed. Quite a few of today’s residents are second and third generation Timberlaker’s. Timberlake residents champion the spirit of friendship and family unity. The Timberlake subdivision has 191 homes with approximately 600 residents located in unincorporated Lake County Illinois. Approximately 75% of the homes are located in Cuba Township and the remainder 25% in Wauconda Township. For information about Timberlake Estates, you may click here.

Lake Fairview

Lake Fairview is an impoundment created by damming a wetland in the Tower Lake drain of the Fox River watershed, and is located in unincorporated Lake County near the village of Wauconda. The Lake is privately owned by 13 individuals with 3 individuals owning the majority of the lake bottom. In the mid 2000’s the Bluffs of Lake Fairview Homeowners Association was formed with the partial development of the northeast shoreline into single family homes. Residents use the lake for fishing, non-motorized boating and aesthetics.