Lake County Stormwater Management Commision

Watershed Management Board (WMB) Cost-Share Grant Program

WMB funding is split between the four major watersheds in the county:

  • Des Plaines River
  • Lake Michigan
  • North Branch of the Chicago River
  • Fox River

The WMB’s primary role is to serve as a forum for the coordination and allocation of resources of the WMB Annual Grant Program.

The WMB grant program is open to WMB members which includes municipalities, drainage districts, county board districts, townships, homeowner associations, park districts, and non-profit groups.

The WMB grant cost-share grant program helps fund local stormwater projects. Eight Project Prioritization Criteria are considered by SMC staff in the evaluation of resource requests. The highest funding priority is flood damage prevention/mitigation but water quality improvement and natural resource restoration projects are also considered. There is a 50/50 cost-share requirement which can be in the form of funds, in-kind services or both.

The annual Request For Proposals is distributed in August. An annual WMB meeting is held in December to recommend project proposals to the SMC Board. SMC can fund up to 50% of the cost of stormwater projects within the limit of the annual grant allocation.

For more information on the WMB RFP or to be added to the RFP notice list, contact: Andrea Cline, 847.377.7710.


Section 319 of the Clean Water Act – Federal 319 Grant Funding

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking an active role to be part of the solution, not the pollution. Through Section 319 of the Clean Water Act, a NPS pollution control project might be coming to a river or lake near you! So, what’s Section 319 all about?

widget-photo-egretCongress enacted Section 319 of the Clean Water Act in 1987, establishing a national program to control NPS pollution. Section 319 helps states address NPS pollution through the development of assessment reports; adoption of management programs to control NPS pollution; and implementation of those management programs. U.S. EPA awards grants to states to assist them in implementing NPS management programs. Under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act, NPS pollution control is largely voluntary and promotes practices to protect watersheds (all of the land that drains into a body of water such as a river, lake, wetland, or groundwater).

The Illinois EPA is the designated state agency in Illinois to receive 319 federal funds from U.S. EPA. The purpose of Illinois EPA’s 319 program is to work cooperatively with units of local government and other organizations toward the mutual goal of protecting the water quality in Illinois through the control of NPS pollution. The program includes providing funding to these groups to implement projects that utilize cost-effective best management practices (BMPs) on a watershed scale. Projects may include structural BMPs such as detention basins and filter strips, non-structural BMPs such as construction erosion control ordinances and setback zones to protect community water supply wells. Technical assistance and information/education programs are also eligible. For information regarding a 319 grant, please click here.



Illinois Lakes Management Association offers a scholarship/grant to students studying natural resource management related to lake and/or watershed management attending an Illinois college or university, or any Illinois resident attending college or university in Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, or Wisconsin. For information regarding an ILMA scholarship/grant, click here.