Summer Habitat Restoration Intern Program

In June, five Barrington High School students participated in the BACT intern program where they learned about habitat restoration at BACT owned Pederson Preserve and Far Field Preserve.  They also participated in stream monitoring at Pederson Preserve.

Each student was asked to complete a questionnaire prior to and after the week program to help the program coordinator, Susan Lenz, gauge program effectiveness.  At the end of each day, Susan asked the students to complete a “reflection log”, answering a few brief questions on what was learned that day.  Susan also challenged the students to prepare a short presentation for parents and BACT board and staff members to illustrate what they learned through their experiences.

The development of future stewards through the various presentations is evident by the video above, created by intern Sean Lucas.  Each student received a framed certificate to commemorate their participation.

Thank you to each student for contributing to BACT’s mission to preserve our community’s rare and exceptional open spaces for current and future generations.

 The following questions were posed to the interns prior to and after their participating week.

Question 1:  What would I like to tell future interns?  
Go in with an open mind and be ready to learn.  Also, once you learn how to identify plants you will see the invasives everywhere.
Get ready to get dirty.  The dirtier you get, the more fun!

Question 2:  What was your favorite part of this internship week?
Going into the river to sample macro invertebrates was really cool and then viewing them under the microscope.
My favorite part was collecting samples in the river.  I also found planting outside to be relaxing.

2016Interns2Wk1Question 3:  What interesting thing did you learn that you want to share with others?  
I learned easy ways to identify invasive plants and how to get rid of them.  And why burning is effective.
Everyones’ property pays a role in keeping the environment healthy and can affect local water bodies and native creatures.  Also I learned the importance of watersheds.  

interns week one in the field
interns week two in the field