Restoration Work Day Progress

What happens at a Restoration Work Day?Hauling log

On Sunday, November 8th volunteers helped to continue restoration work on our Far Field Preserve in Barrington Hills by piling buckthorn and other brush and burning those piles to clear the perimeter of the field near the road.

Far Field Preserve located on the southeast corner of Lake-Cook anFar Field burn Nov 8 2015d Old Sutton Roads, was being farmed for soybeans just over one year ago.  The owners donated the parcel to BACT with the desire and long term goal of having it restored to its original oak savanna.   Last December, this parcel was seeded with prairie grass seed, the first step in restoration.  Work continues on the parcel, removing invasive growth such as buckthorn, tending to the native grass, and planting oak saplings.

This parcel is one example of restoration work being done in the Barrington area by BACT staff and friends.  We hope as you travel throughout the area you will see these efforts and admire the beauty.  We could not preserve the open lands and the accompanying natural resources without the efforts of many hands.

Want to become involved?  Watch for work day opportunities  on our website. We welcome individuals and groups.