The Chicago Region Tree Initiative

Barrington Area Conservation Trust is partnering with Morton Arboretum in the Chicago Region Tree Initiative (CRTI).  See   The CRTI is a partnership for coordinated action on key issues facing trees — the largest such initiative in the country.  With CRTI, Barrington Area Conservation Trust is working to build a healthier, more diverse regional forest.

The forests in the Chicago region are a critical asset needing protection.  Trees clean our air and water, reduce flooding, improve our property values, create habitat for wildlife, and provide significant social and health benefits.

Unfortunately, trees face threats such as invasive plants, including buckthorn and honeysuckle, the death of ash trees due to the emerald ash borer, and a lack of proper care.   These issues affect the health and survival of our regional forest.

Just one of BACT’s many projects is to educate our community about the many beautiful replacements for buckthorn as shown by this brochure.   BACT is furthering the mission of the CRTI by eradicating buckthorn and planting native replacement vegetation on its properties including Far Field Preserve and Katie’s Marsh.


Healthy Hedges brochure