Oak contest celebrates those who preserve oaks

Do you have an oak tree with a story?

Great Oak 2015 PowellThe Great Oaks of Barrington Contest will take place again in 2016, and we’re looking forward to entries big and small. Please watch our website for details..

Here are a just a few of the stories people shared with us for the 2015 Great Oaks of Barrington Contest:

I first met my Great Oak when I purchased my village home in 2006 and moved in with my 4 grade school-aged children. Through all the happy as well as the difficult times of the past 8 years, my Great Oak was always right there looking over the kids and I. My Great Oak generously shared its energy when I would give it a hug and gave me the solace I needed.                                                                                    

HolzerVERT Our trees inspire us daily. Our middle daughter was the 2004 international tree climbing champion (women’s division) of the International Society of Arborists.

We bought our lot because of the trees.. We routed the driveway ¾ of the way around it to get to the house. That was over 20 years ago. Now it’s majestic.

We have in our backyard a red oak that we planted from an acorn we got from a friend. We’ve enjoyed watching it grow, especially with our sons. (One son who was age 4 when the oak was a sapling is now 33). BrockTree

When I realized what a menace buckthorn was, I started clearing it away from the oak first. It was then that I realized what a beautiful tree it was. It has always been a favorite and gets special treatment. Weeds are removed, mulch is spread and lots of hugs are given. 

 Their strength and statuesque presence reminds us of the years these trees have watched over the land. The stories they could tell would be amazing.

My wife and I came here to live immediately after our wedding in June 1962. We raised five children here. This tree has been used for many games, and has beneath its branches, the family pet cemetery. It is unimaginable how many livestock have shaded under this tree or the squirrels it has fed, or the offspring it has produced from its acorns, or the avians that have rested, hid, and housed in its foliage and branches.

KainzVERTWe found a 10’ by 10’ mural that was obviously someone’s artistic rendition of the beautiful oak tree at the front of the property. It had been painted in the early 1970’s when the original house was built. We were obviously not the first people to admire the incredible strength and beauty of this massive tree, and its power transcended whomever claimed ownership of the property.