teens for green

BACT launched its teen advisory board, Teens4Green, in the Fall of 2016. The purpose of the board is two-fold: educate our teens about conservation issues and create environmental stewards for the next generation. The Teens4Green board consists of fifteen 8th-12th graders from the Barrington area. The group meets the second Friday evening of each month.  If interested in joining us, please contact Susan at Susan@bactrust.org.


Meet our teens and read what brought them to BACT:


Hi, my name is Kartik Sarangmath and I’m a junior at Barrington High School. The reason I’ve joined Teen4Green is to help save the environment before it is too late. I want future generations to experience what I have experienced in nature.


Hi, I’m Braeden Nelson. I am involved in Teens4Green because I recognize that our current environmental crisis is the biggest problem of our time. No significant change can be made unless it is done on a grassroots level, and BACT does exactly that.


Hi, I’m Matt Messer. I’m in Teens4Green because I believe in healing the environment in our community.


Hi. I’m Eden Solberg. I am a junior at BHS. I am a part of Teens4Green so I can help the environment and help our community to be more environmentally friendly.


I am Morgan Peters, and I am an 8th grader at St. Anne Parish School. I am a part of Teens4Green so I will be trying to come up with ideas on how to help the environment, as well as convincing other people to help the environment too.


I’m Karen Portillo, and I’m a junior at BHS. I believe activism for the wellness of this planet is the rent I pay to live here. We cannot take this land for granted.


My name is Meg Mehta. I am a junior at BHS. I joined Teens4Green because I believe it’s my responsibility to preserve the environment to ensure that the earth is sustainable for future generations and conserve natural resources in order to protect the quality of life for the future generations.


Hi! I’m Neha Simon at BHS. I’m part of BACT because I want to leave the earth a better place for future generations! 🙂


Hello, my name is Audrey Li and I’m a junior at BHS! I am a part of Teens4Green because I believe that it is vital we preserve and protect the environment for posterity with our unique teenage perspective on the world.


Hi. I’m Wesley Gordon at Station Middle School. I’m part of BACT because I want to help the environment.


I’m Capria Nordquist and am a junior at BHS. I’m a part of Teens4Green because I love being in nature and taking pictures of its’ beauty. Without preserving the environment, the beauty of nature will deteriorate and I want to do what I can to prevent that.


I’m Anita Gugulski and I am a sophomore at BHS. I love Teens4Green because I want to give back to the community and preserve nature for generation