Saving Our Countryside: Land Donation & Acquisition Program

The Saving Our Countryside program aims to purchase properties in the Barrington area that would otherwise be at risk for inappropriate development. These properties are then held by BACT until a conservation-minded buyer can be found.

Individuals who are interested in helping fund this program may assist BACT in the following ways:

  1. Sign a letter of credit to enable BACT to begin purchasing properties.
  2. Make a donation to the Save our Countryside Program endowment fund, which would be used to meet monthly debt-service obligations on purchased land
  3. Become an ambassador for the program by asking others for a financial commitment.

The Saving our Countryside Program gives members of our community another option for land protection and is particularly beneficial for those landowners who may be “land rich” but cash poor and simply need to sell their properties. Instead of allowing these lands to fall into the hands of developers, the Saving Our Countryside program can step in and purchase the land until a conservation buyer can be found.

For more information about the Saving Our Countryside program, or if you have land you may wish to sell, please call our office at (847) 387-3149.