About the Heritage Corridor Program

BACT developed the Heritage Corridor Program to ensure that the rural and scenic character of our residential roads is preserved. With outside pressures to widen our “cut-through” roads, there are a few tools that the BACT has developed to discourage road expansion.

The program uses easements along specifically designated roads to protect these byways in perpetuity. These easements, which extend from the edge of the roadway 10 to 30 feet onto a homeowner’s property, are held by BACT and the municipality (such as the Village of Barrington Hills or other village government), and may include bridges, signs, shoulders and vegetation. Following state statutes for scenic easements, this strategy can effectively preserve a road from being threatened.

Currently, BACT is working with a number of landowners on protecting Ridge, Old Sutton, Otis and Brinker Roads in Barrington Hills. Other strategic roadways are also under consideration, including Bateman Road, Chapel Road, Cuba Road, Haeger’s Bend Road, Miller Road, and Plum Tree Road. Heritage Corridors

The Heritage Corridor Program allows residents to take a stand on protecting their roads for the future, and ensures the roads will be maintained in their natural scenic condition in perpetuity for the benefit of the entire community.