Barrington High School

Honors Environmental Science/Horticulture/Investigations in Biology

Stream Ecology 1

Barrington Area Conservation Trust, is collaborating with the Barrington High School science department, administration and teachers, to provide in class presentations as well as outdoor field experiences to students in Investigations in Biology, Horticulture and Environmental Science classes. Additionally, in 2017 the front of the school received a much-needed facelift with the installation of a beautiful garden including over 140 native plants.

Stream monitor for websiteProgramming complements classroom curriculum and provides real-world experiences, including classroom programming, hands-on fieldwork, career exploration, internships, and extracurricular activities.  CLICK HERE to see BHS student videos showcasing some of our outdoor field experiences.

BACT is working along with other area conservation organizations to increase habitat in our area for monarch butterflies and other pollinators that are in peril. The monarch butterfly has experienced a significant decline due to loss of habitat and pesticides. Through in class presentations with the Investigations in Biology and Horticulture classes, students were presented with the scientific findings and trends as to the monarch’s decline. They discussed reasons for this decline and ways that they can make an impact such as planting milkweed – monarch’s host plant. Additionally, the horticulture students planted over 1000 plants including milkweed at Pederson Preserve, which they had raised from seed in the greenhouse.   This preserve is located across from Barrington High School and is often used by BACT as an outdoor classroom for students.   In 2017/2018, both the Investigations in Biology and Horticulture classes will be planting monarch waystations (gardens that include milkweed and other flowering plants) to continue developing monarch habitat in our area. Funding for the waystations as well as partial funding for programming has been provided by the Barrington Area Community Foundation, The Garden Club of Barrington, Barrington Junior Women’s Club, Barrington Noon Rotary Club and Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.

In its second year, BACT continues to provide stream-monitoring experiences to Honors and AP Environmental Sciences classes. During their class periods, students walk out to Flint Creek on the BHS campus to perform real life data collection. They examine the chemical and physical characteristics of the stream. Additionally, they collect and observe macroinvertebrates which are small insects that are indicators of water quality.

Next time you walk up the steps of BHS, take a look at the new plantings! The Barrington Area Conservation Trust in partnership with Avant-Gardenscapes met with BHS staff to provide a beautiful natural garden including over 140 native plants.