Planting seeds & harvesting rain

In his book, Bringing Nature Home, entomologist Doug Tallamy writes, “native plants support and produce more insects than alien plants and therefore more numbers and species of other animals (such as birds, amphibians, small mammals).” While it may seem undesirable to find sporadic holes in the leaves of your plants, the insects that made these holes are essential to the food web. “The self-sustaining balance we seek in garden communities is only achieved through complexity.”

Native vegetation provides flowers, berries, seeds, and leaves essential for native birds, butterflies, bees, moths, flies, spiders, and more.

Tallamy’s favorite native plants species include: goldenrod (Solidago), aster, Joe Pye weed and boneset (Eupatorim), sedge (Carex), violet (Viola), geranium, black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia), iris, milkweed (Aesclepias), verbena, penstemon, phlox, monarda, little bluestem, and cardinal flower. Goldenrod and aster combined support over 225 species of butterflies and moths while oaks contribute to the well being of over 500 species of these winged gems.

BACT sells a variety of native plants to enrich landscapes with conditions ranging from wetlands and woodlands to sunny, dry prairies. Adapted to our unique climate and weather over the course of the last 10,000 years, these indigenous plants are resilient perennials once they are established. Please visit our native plants link to see what we have available.

How can harvesting water help?

Rain barrels capture stormwater that would otherwise be lost as runoff allowing homeowners to save over 1,000 gallons of water during peak summer months.

“Soft water” from rain barrels does not contain chlorine, lime, or calcium; so it can be used water plants, fill birdbaths, or wash cars. Rain barrels covered with screens supply water without providing habitat for mosquitoes, reducing dependence on local wells and aquifers.

Barrington village homeowners  can receive reimbursement from the the Village of Barrington for 50% of the purchase price of a rain barrel, excluding sales tax, delivery, and any rain barrel accessories, not to exceed $75.00.  Click on the Government/Public Works/Water Conservation at for more information.

To order rain barrels and request installation for your home, please visit our rain barrel link.