Your donation makes a difference

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Barrington High School students at a restoration work day.

Your generous support is vital in helping us to preserve and care for the beautiful natural areas that make our community so special. Together with you, we can continue the important work of protecting the ecological value and open space heritage of our community and our region.

Your donation goes toward special projects right here in our greater Barrington community including:

  • Restoration of our five nature preserves, including adding pollinator habitat for pollinator species in peril like the monarch butterfly.
  • Educating and inspiring high school students as our next generation of conservation leaders.  Our future is in their hands!  Your donation helps us offer internships, classroom-based programs, citizen science field experiences and also helps sponsor our “Teens4Green” junior advisory group.
  • Providing local schools, churches and other non-profits organizations with “monarch waystations” that not only provide habitat but also educate the community at-large about the plight of the monarch butterfly and how we can help.
  • Participate in the Flint Creek/Spring Creek Watershed Partnership which brings a variety of stakeholders together to explore ways to improve the water quality of streams, lake and rivers in these watersheds.
  • Community planting days like “Earth Day Work Day” and “OakToberfest”.

THANK YOU for making a difference!



To help cover costs and processing fees and make your donation go further, please consider adding 3% to your donation.