Education, Support, Recognition

C@H landscape and sign

Conservation@Home, a regional program, educates, supports and recognizes homeowners who incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their own yard.  The foundation of the program is to encourage installation of native plants into home landscaping creating friendly habitats for wildlife, capturing storm water using rain barrels or rain gardens (garden beds planted with native plants), and environmentally friendly lawn care.



BACT supports homeowners interested in being more eco-friendly by offering a visit to your yard for site-specific advice.  The home visit is free to BACT members.  During a home visit, a BACT naturalist will walk through your yard with you and give helpful advice on:

  • ways to attract more birds and butterflies
  • ways to manage your stormwater (reduce flooding, run off, pooling)
  • tree and shrub recommendations to help add beauty and function
  • flower and grass recommendations for different areas in your yard
  • installation of a rain garden
  • shoreline stabilization
  • eco-friendly lawn care including referrals to professional lawn care companies if desired
  • any specific issue you would like help with!


C@H certif recipients

BACT has resources to help you get started:

  • Lists of native plants, trees, shrubs, forbs (perennial flowers), grasses and emergents (for shoreline stabilization).
  • A checklist for homeowners interested in becoming certified.  (If you meet checklist criteria your property can be certified during your home visit!)

Conservation@Home certification includes a beautiful sign to post in your garden recognizing your efforts.


BACT Conservation@Home staff member is available to speak to groups about the Conservation@Home program using a dynamic 30 minute presentation followed by a Q&A session.

To schedule a presentation for your group call us at 847-387-3149.