Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to be Conservation@School-certified?

A: Conservaiton@School is a distinguished regional certification which recognizes public and private schools (preK-university) that have met the high standards outlined on BACT’s Conservation@School checklist.

Q: How do we get certified?

A: You can start by downloading the Conservation@School checklist  and seeing what you need to do, then contacting our Conservation@School coordinator Susan Lenz at or by calling (847) 387-3149 for information and support.

Q: What other services does BACT provide?

A: BACT provides educational programs and site visits to support  student learning and encourage faculty involvement in sustainable practices.

Q: What is the cost for Conservation@School?

A: For certified schools who would like to purchase a sign to inspire others, a donation is appreciated to cover the cost of the sign and donations are always appreciated for programs.

Q: Can Conservation@School help our landscaping crew reduce the amount of water and chemicals needed to maintain a school landscape?

A: Yes. Native plants are adapted to our unique soils and climate enabling most of them to survive drought, flood, and fire.

Q: Do students need to develop a conservation ethic for our school to become Conservation@School-certified?

A: Yes. BACT provides educational programs to impart conservation ethics which help students learn how to reduce waste by recycling, turning off lights, composting, or maintaining gardens.

Q: Can Conservation@School provide organic alternatives to chemical pesticides and herbicides?

A: Yes. The Conservation@School program provides information to those seeking non-chemical controls for weeds and pests. In some cases, limited chemical application may be recommended for eliminating invasive species.