About the Conservation@ Programs

Conservation@Home, Conservation@Work, and Conservation@School are BACT programs that educate, encourage, and recognize property owners who maintain their land using conservation practices that benefit wildlife and humanity.


BACT naturalists provide simple, easy-to-implement steps to attain certification.

Suggestions may include ways to:

  • Incorporate native flowers, shrubs, and trees into landscaping
  • Minimize the use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Limit turf to reduce the need for watering and mowing
  • Identify and remove invasive species
  • Establish wildlife habitat
  • Reuse, reduce, and recycle waste products
  • Conserve water and improve rainwater management
  • Create rain gardens to reduce runoff
  • Turn “problem areas” into rich wildlife habitat
  • Reduce erosion with deep-rooted native plants
  • Connect with local landscapers, nurseries, and native seed sources that specialize in native landscaping

“After implementing Conservation@Home principles, we have seen a marked increase in birds and butterflies on our property. We also really love the colors of the native plants and shrubs. We’re so glad we worked with Conservation@Home to learn how to incorporate conservation-friendly practices on our land. ” – Vicki Wiedenheft

Conservation@Home provides educational programs to homeowner associations, garden clubs, neighborhood groups, and others interested in developing sustainable landscapes for wildlife and humanity, and certifications to individual landowners as well as associations providing sustainable landscapes for wildlife and humanity.

Conservation@School offers opportunities for students to build positive conservation values while learning how to improve the beauty and integrity of their natural surroundings. BACT educational programs currently provide Barrington High School students with real-world experiences, including classroom programming, hands-on fieldwork, career exploration, internships and extracurricular activities.

Conservation@Work certification recognizes businesses working to provide positive examples of ecological sustainability to their employees and community. C@W provides marketing and sponsorship opportunities in addition to Lunch & Learn programs designed to benefit employees of businesses and organizations with information about ways they can reduce waste by recycling, saving energy, composting, and gardening.

To schedule a Conservation@Home, Conservation@Work, or Conservation@School consultation, please call Beth Adler at 847-387-3149.