Donate on Giving Tuesday!

Help BACT raise $3,000 for trees and shrubs on Ridge Road’s Katie’s Marsh!

This past year, with a grant from Cuba Township and help from Ringers Landscaping, BACT began the arduous process of removing buckthorn from Katie’s Marsh.  Now comes the fun part-replacing the buckthorn with beautiful native plants. Help us!  Help us raise $3,000 on Giving Day for native plant screening along Katie’s Marsh on Ridge Road.  $3,000 will allow us to purchase and plant six Canadian Hemlock  trees.  Not only will these plants bring pleasure to the eye of passer-byers, they will provide screening as well as numerous benefits to the wildlife that depends on native plants to thrive.  Make a healthy, diverse ecosystem in your neighborhood a priority, and give here now,  Let’s make beauty happen today!


KATIES MARSH_Planting Plan

The proposed planting plan for Katie’s Marsh.

OakTober Fest Success!

Thank you to all that came out to OakTober Fest!  We planted 68 trees and shrubs while enjoying the beautiful outdoors at Far Field Nature Preserve.