Here are the details:
When:  Sunday January 21, 9 am to noon
Where:  Barclays Woods. Tower Lakes (From Route 59 go east on Indian Trail then take your first right on to Pebble Creek Drive.  It will dead end into Barclays Woods Tower Lakes)
What:  Buckthorn and other woody invasive species removal
Why:  Because they choke out the beautiful old oaks on the property and change the soil chemistry and are evil

What to wear: Dress for the weather and wear thick gloves and protective shoes
BACT will supply: bowsaws, loppers goggles, gloves.  Please feel free to bring your own tools but write your name on them.
Can You chainsaw?  Yes, but you must have experience and you must wear helmet ear muffs, goggles and chainsaw chaps.  We have one set to loan out if needed.
Will there be a bonfire?  Yes, to keep us warm and to burn the buckthorn as we cut it down.
How about treats?  Sure!  There is always food:)
Please meet at the entrance of the Preserve on Pebble Creek Drive.
Volunteers MUST fill out a BACT liability form.  Please go online and register for this workday and fill out the form.  Here’s the link: