How Does Barrington Area Conservation Trust Serve Our Region?

The map on this page outlines the recognized resource protection areas in the greater Chicago region. The yellow circle is the Barrington area, which has been identified as one of only seven remaining areas in the entire Chicago region that can still be preserved as open space. You can see from the map that it is also one of the largest such tracts in Chicago.

Barrington Area Conservation Trust’s programs are all designed to help create a climate of preservation not only in the Barrington area, but in the greater Northern Illinois Region. When we save open space here, we foster healthy watersheds, clean air quality, and healthy animal populations and migration corridors across the entire region.

BACTrust provides tools to help landowners protect their property and open spaces in perpetuity, focusing on private land protection through the following tools:

  1. We work with landowners to provide tools for private land protection
  2. We work with municipalities and local governments to help with planning and zoning issues
  3. We work with the legal community to educate them about conservation tools and tax laws
  4. Call us today at 847-381-4291 for more information!