All Things Monarch


  • A monarch caterpillar gains about 2,700 times its original weight, with a large caterpillar devouring an entire milkweed leaf in less than four minutes.
  • Monarch wings are orange to warn predators that the butterfly will taste bad or may be toxic.  Milkweed leaves contain toxins that monarchs accumulate in their bodies.
  • Monarchs fly 2,000 miles or more to the cool moist fir forests in central Mexico.
  • Each fall migrating monarchs are 3-4 generations removed from those that made the journey in the spring-yet they still navigate to a specific area of Mexico without a map!
  • The first three generations of monarch butterflies live 6-8 weeks. Yet, the 4th generation-known as the “Super Generation”-lives about 8-9 months, migrating south, overwintering in Mexico and starting to fly the journey north in spring.


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