Summer 2018 – Schaumburg Urban Monarch Technician Opportunity

Over the last two decades, the monarch population has decreased by 80 percent and experts now agree that a key threat to the species is the loss of milkweed plants across the Midwestern United States.  This summer the Field Museum’s Monarch Project will expand on its existing research with the help of volunteers.  The volunteer ecological technician will collect one season of local field data using established protocol.

This volunteer position will implement intensive monitoring of monarch butterfly habitat at selected sites throughout Schaumburg. This individual will be trained by staff from the Field Museum.  A total of six (6) applicants will be chosen for this project.

CLICK HERE for application information, qualifications and duties related to this wonderful summer position.  This Ecological Fieldwork Technician position is being offered in partnership with the Field Museum, The Village of Schaumburg and BACT.

Teddy Roosevelt A Smashing Success

On Tuesday, May 22, BACT hosted Teddy Roosevelt reprisor, Joe Wiegand, at the Sanfilippo Carousel Pavilion in Barrington Hills. Joe has been featured as President Roosevelt in “The Men Who Built America” on the History Channel and has a feature role in the “National Parks Adventure” film. He has also appeared at the White House in Washington, D.C.
Joe came in character and regaled the crowd of over 200 with stories about Teddy and his fascinating life in politics and conservation.  This fabulous evening included dinner, drinks and entertainment as well as the opportunity to tour the steam engines housed in the Carosuel Pavilion and ride the carousel.
This magical evening was sponsored by:  John and Meredith Klaas