Barrington High School

Stream Ecology Curriculum

Stream Ecology 1

Barrington Area Conservation Trust, in collaboration with the Barrington High School science department administration and teachers, created a hands-on water quality monitoring program where Advanced Placement and Honors Environmental Science students discover and monitor the physical, chemical, and biological components of Flint Creek on the Barrington High School campus.


Stream monitor for websiteData is being tracked and students will revisit the same sites several more times throughout the 2015/2016 school year. Programming complements classroom curriculum and provides real-world experiences, including classroom programming, hands-on fieldwork, career exploration, internships, and extracurricular activities.



On Monday, January 11th, Susan Lenz and Beth Adler of Barrington Area Conservation Trust presented The Importance of Habitat Restoration to four Barrington High School horticulture classes as part of the Conservation@School program (formerly Conservation Leadership Project).  During the presentation students learned some of the history of our local habitat environment starting at the time of Native Americans to the first American settlers and westward expansion up to the modern era.  Students discussed the importance of habitat and the need for habitat restoration in order for survival of insects, plants, animals and ultimately humans.  This included learning about the characteristics of some common invasive plants such as buckthorn, garlic mustard, bull thistle, and phragmites.

Students planted native Echinacea seeds in the high school greenhouse as part of this classroom unit.  The seedlings will be nurtured by the horticulture students until Earth Day in April when the plants will be planted at BACT’s Pederson Preserve as part of the ongoing restoration process there.   Pederson Preserve is located across from Barrington High School at the intersection of Lake-Cook and Hart Roads.