BACT begins restoration work at new preserve in Barrington Hills

Helping a monoculture return to its rich native roots

Oak trees will have a new place to grow

Oak trees will have a new place to grow

Late last summer, Steve and Mary Smith made a generous 12-acre donation of land in Barrington Hills to BACT. Named for its “far” distance from the home of Steve and Mary Smith, Far Field is a field that hasn’t seen oak trees or wildflowers for generations. “It has always been under plow,” says Mary Smith, who remembers the field from when she was a little girl. “Oak woods came right up to the edge of the field and stopped where the plow made cropland many decades before our time.” Wanting to protect this beautiful open space from future development, the Smiths contacted BACT | Barrington Area Conservation Trust to see what could be done.

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BACT kicks off The Annual Appeal

Because together we are BACT

BACT is a member-driven, Barrington-based 501(c)3 organization where everyone’s tax-deductible contribution works hard to preserve open space essential to our quality of life. The Annual Appeal provides the year-end convenience of joining BACT and reducing taxable income for 2014. Plus BACT membership is the perfect gift for the person who’s got it all.

Lou Flannery

Being surrounded by nature right where I live makes my heart sing. BACT helps private landowners bring conservation home. – Lou Flannery

I have been running, bicycling, and riding horses in the Barrington area for over 50 years – first with my children, and now with my grandchildren. Being in nature inspires me to do everything I can to preserve the land I love. – Elizabeth Corwith Bramsen

To learn more about the value of BACT to some of our members, see what a few of our board and staff members have to say.


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Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

Because together we are doing great things


Thank you for supporting the preservation of open lands, natural resources, equestrian character, and scenic beauty in the Barrington communities. Every membership, donation, sponsorship, and volunteer makes a difference that you can see and feel.

Annual Gathering 2014

Bringing Community Together

Members and friends of BACT come together

Members and friends of BACT come together

On Wednesday, November 5, BACT hosted its Annual Members & Friends Gathering to celebrate the Trust’s progress in 2014, share a strategic plan for the next 5 years, and roll out Conservation@Work.


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Onion Pub & Brewery becomes first local business to receive Conservation@Work certification

How one local family is building a sustainable business


The native trees, shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers adorning the parking lot islands of Onion Pub & Brewery only tell part of the story. Meeting with BACT |Barrington Area Conservation Trust Conservation@Work coordinator Beth Adler, Jennifer Kainz shared how the Kainz family is taking positive strides to make a difference in the natural world through habitat restoration, energy conservation, water conservation, recycling, and on-site composting.


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The Garlands welcomes birds & butterflies

Interior designers bring talent outdoors earning Conservation@Work certification for their business


Four years ago, interior design director Ann Pateros together with The Garlands’ assistant interior design coordinator Cindy Baldocchi offered to add landscaping to their arsenal of responsibilities to improve the quality of their members’ lives.

Wanting to bring back the natural wildlife for the enjoyment of their members, Ann and Cindy embraced native landscaping, installing marsh milkweed for monarch butterflies to lay eggs and bluebird houses to welcome their first families of bluebirds this past spring. Read More »

Call your senator today

The Conservation Easement Incentive Act needs your support

Pasture with white fence and Birch treeThe Conservation Easement Incentive Act needs your support to pass in the Senate. Contact Senator Dick Durbin (202) 224-2152 or and Mark Kirk (202) 224-2854 to vote “yes” for this important legislation.

With the Conservation Easement Incentive Act:

+ the maximum deduction a donor can take for donating a conservation easement will rise from 30% of their adjusted gross income (AGI) to 50%

+ qualified farmers and ranchers will be able deduct up to 100% of their AGI Read More »