BACT Helps Protect Rare Fen in Barrington Hills

Barrington Area Conservation Trust (BACT) has completed a conservation easement with the Shear family of Barrington Hills, preserving 7 acres, including a rare high quality calcareous sedge meadow with pockets of graminoid fen and a section of Spring Creek traversing their property.

"It is important to preserve the rare plants of this fen as well as endangered species found in Spring Creek and we are happy that we can assist in this," said Barry Shear who worked with the BACT over the last few months to complete the easement. "We are fortunate to have this special property and appreciated the opportunity to work with the BACT to protect it."


Smith Family Donates Land Adjacent to Spring Creek

Stephen, Christopher, David and Harold Byron Smith have donated eight acres of land on Old Sutton Road to the Barrington Area Conservation Trust (BACT). The land is an important wildlife and bird habitat and is adjacent to the Spring Lake area of the Spring Creek Forest Preserve.

“The Smiths’ donation supports our mission of protecting open space to prevent increased density and to preserve our special landscape,” said Karen Yancey, BACT executive director. “In addition, it adds to our private land protection goals by preserving land of high conservation value in the Barrington area.”


Bilton, Pfaff Easements Add to Heritage Corridor Goals

This fall, Stuart and Bette Bilton and Bruce and Deborah Pfaff, both of Barrington Hills, completed Heritage Corridor easements on their properties that add to the Barrington Area Conservation Trust’s goal of protecting the scenic roads and vistas of the community.

The Biltons completed a 466-foot easement on their property on the east side of Brinker Road. This easement adds to the half-mile easement completed by Lou Flannery earlier in the year, bringing the Conservation Trust closer to completing its goal of declaring Brinker Road a Heritage Corridor and protecting it from future alterations.

In addition, the Pfaffs completed a 399-foot easement on their Otis Road property that allows the Conservation Trust to move forward on its goal to protect Otis Road. The easement on the north side of Otis is the first of several now underway.


Pederson Preserve Protects Land Along Flint Creek

To protect an important part of Flint Creek and its watershed, the Barrington Area Conservation Trust purchased a 5.6-acre parcel of land adjacent to the creek at the southwest corner of Lake-Cook Road and Hart Road.

The parcel was purchased by BACT from the Grace H. Schurecht Trust in a bargain sale priced below the appraised value of the property. (In a bargain sale, the seller donates the difference in value between the appraised value and the purchase price as a charitable contribution.) Funds for the purchase were provided by a generous grant from Frederica “Freddie” Smith Pederson and the BACT’s “Save the Countryside” Fund. The property will be named the “Pederson Preserve” in honor of Freddie’s late husband, Keith Pederson, who was a distinguished Barrington citizen.


To learn more about how our community can use conservation easements to protect private land, click here.